The perfect chocolate chip cookie.

I’m coming up on a full month of regular, weekly blog posts! Yay— this is big for me! As I’ve started posting regularly, I’ve been encouraged by a few friends to share more of my recipes. I never really considered food to be my strong suit— my cooking is SO BASIC. But, apparently there are other busy people, on a budget, looking to cook healthy-ish meals with simple ingredients. So I thought I could try one monthly post about food. Maybe it will even challenge me to spice up my repertoire! And because my ultimate goal is to bring people together— what better thing to do than cook food, right? This first recipe is all of the above, minus the healthy part. It’s my chocolate chip cookie recipe. And I know I said today was going to be about food, but because it’s me I managed to also make it a little sentimental.

So here we go. After Violet was born, I perfected my chocolate chip cookie recipe. I was an anxious young mom, I didn’t sleep very often, and for some reason brushing my hair was NOT a priority. For me, at that time, making chocolate chip cookies seemed to bring back the innocence and joy that postpartum depression was stealing from me. So I baked them as often as I could. And they were perfect. I’ve tried so many times to get that recipe right again. And each time I failed. Until yesterday. And wow— the taste and the memories are still so raw from that time almost 8 years ago. So much good and so much bad. All mixed up together. And although I am in a much better place now than I was then— the cookies taste the same. And they are indeed perfect.

The recipe:

If I can, I will always choose one large  bowl to combine my ingredients— I hate extra dishes. Because of this I start by adding the wet ingredients to the bowl first, blending them together with a hand mixer. Next, I dump the flour, baking soda, and salt on top of the wet ingredients. After the dry ingredients are dumped loosely on top of the wets, ill grab a fork and lightly sift them together— careful not to disturb the wets. Once combined I grab my hand mixer again and mix together the wet and dry ingredients. The mixture should start to crumble, and then quickly form a dough. Last it’s time to dump in the chocolate chips, stir with a spoon, and begin to form my cookie balls. I like to shape my cookies into balls and then lightly press them down on to the pan so that the tops of my balls are flat. Fill your pan, leaving space for spreading, and put them in to the oven at 350 degrees for nine minutes. Maybe a little longer if they are bigger, and shorter if they are smaller. You get it. Just keep an eye on them! There is nothing worse than a crunchy cookie. Unless you’re in to that. (Love you, mom!)


1 C butter

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla

¾ C granulated sugar

¾ C brown sugar

2 ¼-2 ½ C flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

1 C Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips


Spoon flour in to the measuring cup instead of scooping the whole cup in to the flour.

When mixing the dry ingredients in to the wet look for the dough to crumble before it fully comes together. This will tell you that you have the right amount of flour. If it skips the crumble it may be too wet and need more flour.

These cookies are perfection. Exactly as I remember. Now if only my metabolism was the same as I remember when I was 22…

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Brittany Giles

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4 thoughts on “The perfect chocolate chip cookie.”

  1. Back in the day, far away, delicious family recipes were guarded and not shared except maybe with vague details.
    How great it is to read and share in your generosity and love of all good things Hod gives for us to enjoy. A nose to smell, a tongue to taste and a mind to enjoy and remember the satisfaction of a delicious chocolate chip cookie 🍪


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